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ZCoin [$XZC]

2 years 5 months ago 2 years 5 months ago by Admin.
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ZCoin [$XZC] #13

Name: ZCoin
Ticker: XZC
Collateral for MN: 1000

Zcoin, the first implementation of the Zerocoin protocol that relies greatly upon providing privacy for it's users. It's in that way, again, a privacy coin. The difference, however, is that Zcoin also allows mining on the coin next to having masternodes (Znodes).

The expected returns, as Zcoin states, is based on a 30% block reward which is paid to ZNodes. Znodes are put in a queue and take turns to receive the reward. Depending on the number of nodes the reward can be expected every few days. According to Zcoin the estimated returns are currently 20-30%.

Zcoin and Crave have a lot in common because they're both based on the Zerocoin protocol but they both show good potential and sense of stability. This is why we've chosen Zerocoin to be one of the first IMO's to be available on Goldnode.

Zcoins' professionalism stands out when looking at their extensive list of exchanges such as: Bittrex, Binance,, Cryptopia,, et cetera.

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