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DigiWage [$WAGE]

2 years 5 months ago 2 years 5 months ago by Admin.
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DigiWage [$WAGE] #7

Name: DigiWage
Ticker: WAGE
Collateral for MN: 12000

DigiWage is the rebranded PhilsCurrency. A coin developed for the freelance and entrepreneur community.

With DigiWage you can pay for jobs on their own platform website .
In the various categories ranging from Blockchain, Programming and Tech to Graphics, Music and even Silly Stuff, you can find a freelancer who will describe his/her talent and offer their time to do their skill for you. Need a new website? There is a job for that. Maybe setting up your masternode gives you trouble? Someone is doing that too. Having trouble falling asleep? Someone even will read you a bedtime story (yes, this is from the "Silly Stuff" category)!

But you can also get paid for offering your time and skill. When you register on you can set up your own gig!
Do you know how to code? Do you know your way around photoshop? Or are you an avid musician who likes to create short songs/ambient music? There is a category for anything you can do. They even have a shipping option, so crafts are a possibility to offer too.

DigiWage is the blockchain freelance platform that will bring gigs to the community and freelancers into crypto. You want to see what a great community driven, real world application crypto project looks like? Check out and join the community on the DigiWage discord
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