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The Dragon found me at the corner of the and delivered

6 days 9 hours ago
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The Dragon found me at the corner of the and delivered #288
Okay from 75 cooking OSRS gold (were I began, and since 75 you dont burn lobs anymore (assuming you are using cooking gaunts the whole time)): 39,104 Lobsters to get to 91 the first marker, this could cost 12,044,032 [39,104 Lobsters] (1,994,304 is lost AFTER the 39k Lobsters is sold). 13,612 Monkfish to get to 94 the second mark, this would cost 5,485,636 [13,612 Monkfish] (666,988 is missing AFTER the 13k Monkfish is marketed ). 24,238 Sharks for to 99 the destination, this would price 24,286,476 [24,237 Sharks](969,520 Is missing After the 24k Shark is sold). So all together you'd lose 3,630,812. Those costs were taken a few weeks ago but this is an estimate of how much it would cost for 99 cooking. It ought to require 1-2 weeks to get there. As for fishing you can cut down on prices for 99 cooking by fishing to get the food you are cooking.

Um, I'm going to become a member in a few times (~Whoo hoo! ~). And my very first plan was to purchase a Dragon Dagger the afternoon I became one. To my dismay, now I discovered to be able to wield it. I would have to have finished Lost City. Looking farther into the pursuit itself it stated: Need to be able to overcome a level 101 Spirit. At the moment I filled my shorts with bricks and the dissapointment came. About a Week Ago... The time has come... I said to myself. My heart pounding, my belly stirring I obtained on Lady Lumbridge and I flew into the Isle of Crandor. I stared over the small walls and watched him. The Dragon wondering about blissfully, unbeknownst of the latest challenge... me... I vaulted over the wall and drew my scimitar.

The Dragon found me at the corner of the and delivered a river a flames involving me I had been engulfed and I burnt and suffered with horrible pain, and then I recalled:"the protector" I pulled My Anti-Dragon Shield and the damage was lessened. Magic burst were shot and ruined ensued. I attempted to eat but the damage being dealt was I could heal by food along. Before long I crumpled to the floor and died. I had lost... THE END. Just how in the name of Saradomin am I supposed to beat a level 101 Spirit. My plan to get a Dragon Dagger sunk before I could even become a part. Opp! The QUESTION... Does the Spirit, in the case I do decide to fight the soul, use magic or does he just attack with his ghostly buy RS gold fist? How strong is he: Difficulty wise. Your assistance would be very much gratified. Thanks.

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