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SagaCoin [$SAGA]

2 years 5 months ago 2 years 5 months ago by Claesbas.
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SagaCoin [$SAGA] #17

Name: SagaCoin
Ticker: $SAGA
Collateral for MN: 2500

SagaCoin, a coin, to be honest, not very special among it's competitors. SagaCoin wants to be widely adopted throughout the globe and make it easily accessible by people everywhere. Much like Electroneum. Unfortunately SagaCoin doesn't have the marketing prowess Electroneum has at this moment.

However, SagaCoin proves to be a good starting point for Goldnode with their well written instructions on how to start a masternode and low entry price. This is the reason why Goldnode chose SagaCoin to be one of the first options.

The biggest plus SagaCoin has over it's competitors is that they've skipped proof of work and hopped onto proof of stake. This allows them to be greener than their other competitors like Monero & Electroneum.

SagaCoin is currently available on exchanges such as CoinsMarkets, Cryptopia &

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