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Universa [$UTNP]

2 years 5 months ago 2 years 5 months ago by Claesbas.
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Universa [$UTNP] #16

Name: Universa
Ticker: $UTNP
Collateral for MN: TBA

Universa, a platform that released last year and is now working hard to get their Mainnet live. Universa is most likely to be compared with Ethereum as it also provides smart contracts.

The notable difference, however, is in the details. Universa has smarter smart contracts that can "talk" to each other, it doesn't rely in proof of work but on licensed/trusted masternodes and it also has a feature called Smart Money. Next to these features, Universa allows for a throughput of more than 20000 transactions per second.

Over the last couple of months Universa has been working hard to setup various collaborations with companies such as Ernst & Young & The Malaysian Government, among others. Universa is a Business to Business platform allowing it to scale up with big companies fast.

The great benefit Universa has over other Blockchain Platforms is that it is being led by Alexander Borodich which already had a few successes on his name.

And then there's the masternode that is relevant to Goldnode. The Universa masternode acts differently from other nodes as it does not rely on Proof of Stake but on their self-coined Proof of State. This means, in terms of payout, that a masternode get's paid 80% for every transaction that goes through the network. The 80% is then divided over every node that's active within the network which promises for a good yield as the transaction fee has been stated to be $0.01.

Please note: Universa is not yet released and thus it is unclear of what the returns of running a masternode will be. We, however, do know that the returns on a Universa masternode are based on network performance (transactions per second) and Universa is working hard to have people adopt Universa as stated in this article before regarding collaborations with Ernst & Young, Malaysia, Indonesia and, as a latest addition: a possibility to be setup as a SWIFT equivalent in Russia.

In short this means that the transactions per second can turn out to be very intersting which could have a very positive effect on the returns for this node. However, we can't tie any kind of number fo this yet.

Universa is truly a future investment that, from our point of view, has a very promising outlook.

Disclaimer: We do not control the acceptance process of a Universa masternode. Universa decides how many masternodes will be active in the network. This means that it's currently a first come first serve deal to have a higher chance to participate in the Universa network.

Universa is currently active on exchanges such as Cobinhood and HitBTC.

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