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Play roulette 918 kiss mega 888

5 months 3 weeks ago
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Play roulette 918 kiss mega 888 #95
After starting a new eye protection game, a countdown will begin to invite players to place bets around the table and table area.
At the end of the betting period, the table staff threw the ball to the end of that eye.
The employee will then enter the results into the game page
If the ball stops but cannot be ended the staff will throw the ball again.
Roulette ball rotation rules mega888 agent password
The nature and method of playing roulette games that look like most casinos. If errors occur in any particular case, the company will correct them in accordance with the stated rules.
This roulette game uses live video. Let members clearly see the numbers in the game. In each round, if there is a game summary, the staff will type the numbers displayed in the game. If an error occurs without affecting the results,
as follows:
If an employee spins the ball but the ball floats outside the roulette machine, it is considered a "floating ball"
If an employee spins the ball but has not completed three rounds, the ball falls on the rails.
If the ball spins on the spinning track but does not stop and the ball does not enter the hole normally, the employee will stop the roulette button. And put the ball into the number box, with a final glance at the result and a new spin will be made
This eye must rotate if the employee uses the roulette key under any circumstances.
The accurate conclusion in the case of summarizing any system errors is based on real-time recording.
There may be internet outages while the game is in progress. May prevent live image display:
If the specified eyeball drops, the number before the broadcast will be interrupted.
If the ball is still spinning in the track, the backing photo is interrupted. Employees will stop the roulette track and place the ball on the track, which is the number of the latest previous result. If live, normal staff will start the game and spin the ball again.
In the game, the system must be stopped anyway to make any changes. The system will refund the bet amount to the player.
The company has recorded aggregate results and past betting transactions are available for customers to review. Results and bets are based on live streaming.

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