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Before you enter the WoW Classic AQ adventure, you must do this

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Before you enter the WoW Classic AQ adventure, you must do this #267
If you are a melee class, it is very important to collect a complete set of natural resistance equipment first, because they will play an important role in your fight against Huhuran. During the battle, Huhuran will cast a 2000-damage poison gas jet on nearby players every 3 seconds. For the melee class, this damage is unavoidable, so they need to increase their natural resistance as much as possible to reduce the damage effect of poison gas.
This is why more players have chosen to buy WOW Classic Gold in MMOWTS recently. With the help of a large amount of WOW Classic Gold, players can purchase any equipment they want in the auction house, including equipment with high natural resistance. Each player's natural resistance limit is 315, and the WOW Classic Gold For Sale allows you to easily achieve this goal. Not only that, you can also spend a small amount of money to purchase in-game equipment directly at MMOSPT, and their customer service will answer any questions you have about the product.

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